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Be discoverable with the Twitch viewer bot!

Be discoverable with the Twitch Viewer Bot!

Use our twitch viewer bot and chat bot to hype your channel and meet the most professional twitch viewer bot ever developed.


more stable
More Stable
We provide faster and more stable bot responses with the latest V7 update. Delay and fluctuation optimization.
easy to use dashboard
Easy to Use Dashboard
We have the most advanced dashboard for managing your Twitch Viewbot, Channel views, Followers and Chatbot.
integrated chat bot
Integrated Chat Bot
With the integrated Twitch Chat Bot, you can use ready-made chat topics or create your own chat topic.
adjustable viewer counter
Adjustable Viewer Counter
You can set the number of viewers within the range supported by your package and then change the number.
Fluctuation and drop rate in Twitch View Bot has been reduced to 5%. The server uptime rate is fixed at 99%.
no programs & no virus
No Programs & No Virus
We have the most advanced dashboard for managing your Twitch Viewbot, Channel views, Followers and Chatbot.

Best Twitch Viewer Bot Plans

Choose the most suitable for you
Trial Plan

Free /for 15 Min.

For your confidence

25 Live Viewer
25 Chat Bot
25 Chatlist
Realistic View

$5 /day

Just try and observe

25 Live Viewer
25 Chat Bot
25 Chatlist
Realistic View

$15 /week

for Periodic needs

25 Live Viewer
25 Chat Bot
25 Chatlist
Realistic View

$15 /month

for A little help

10 Live Viewer
10 Chat Bot
10 Chatlist
Realistic View

$20 /month

for Beginners

25 Live Viewer
25 Chat Bot
25 Chatlist
Realistic View

$40 /month

Quick introduction

50 Live Viewer
50 Chat Bot
50 Chatlist
Realistic View

$75 /month

Be popular!

100 Live Viewer
100 Chat Bot
10 Chatlist
Realistic View

$99 /month

Raise Your Rank

200 Live Viewer
200 Chat Bot
200 Chatlist
Realistic View

$190 /month

Stand out other streamers

300 Live Viewer
300 Chat Bot
300 Chatlist
Realistic View

$250 /month

Take to the Top

500 Live Viewer
500 Chat Bot
500 Chatlist
Realistic View
Get to the top! | Get New Followers! | Become Popular

Boost Your Channel with Twitch Bot!

Accelerate the grow of your channel with Twitch view bots. The Twitch viewer bot increases your viewer count, so you can be among the recommended streams.

twitch izleyici botu

What is Twitch View Bot?

Twitch view bot/twitch viewer kaufen is a service tool that aims to discover and increase visibility of talented and entry-level streamers who are trying to exist on Twitch, making great efforts to develop their channel. It is definitely not a malicious / Spam Tool. With respect to all veteran streamers who try to exist on Twitch or other platforms.

Free Trial Plan

The only “twitch view bot service” in the world that you can try if the service is working is viewerapps.com. We trust our service and quality! You can use our service free of charge for 10 minutes. You can also watch how the twitch bot service works in the video on the side.


Partnership Path with Twitch Bot

Twitch Bot viewers have a habit of looking unrealistic. In other viewer bot services, after purchasing the viewer bot, you need to purchase total views to close the statistical difference. Otherwise, twitch will notice the bots. As the ViewerApps Developer team, we have developed artificial-intelligence for bots to act as organic viewers. Twitch bot viewers join your channel gradually at certain intervals, and these participations do not appear as Bot Traffic in the twitch logs. An average of 75 viewers is only a prerequisite for being a partner on Twitch. There are more than 10 criteria to become a partner. One of our users' misconceptions is that the partnership will be opened automatically when only 75 viewers complete their target. Sorry but unfortunately it is not that easy. Partnership is a different process than being an “Affiliate”. For detailed information on this topic, you can find a guide on the User Forum.
twitch viewer bot
twitch bot

We've answered a few "very" asked questions for you.

We have explained a few questions that are frequently asked to us every day for you.

No, you won’t be banied! Bots have nothing to do with any tips that can briefly link you to bots on your computer, internet, ip address or hash. In addition, we use residental (Home/Internet user) IP’s for bots. This way, Youtube or any other platform bots don’t notice. You control the twitch view bot / youtube view bot from the viewerapps.com V7 panel. At viewerapps.com, we do not keep any logs or information pointing to your channel. Your current registration information is stored on off-shore servers with 2048-bit encryption. You’re perfectly safe with us.

Your bots are not be connected to your computer and hashs. There is no need to download and install any program or script on your computer. So our service is 100 % safe. We have not encountered any banning yet.

Returns of products and programs that are delivered digitally are not accepted.