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One platform with all the features you need to start, run, and grow your Twitch channel faster.
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25 Live Viewers

$30/month based

  • Up to 25 Live Viewers
  • Up to 25 Chat Bots
  • Up to 25 Chat List
  • Realistic View
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Free Support: 24/7
  • 50 Follower
  • Twitch Prime Sub
  • Geographic Targeting

50 Live Viewers

$50/month based

  • Up to 50 Live Viewers
  • Up to 50 Chat Bots
  • Up to 50 Chat List
  • Realistic View
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Free Support: 24/7
  • 100 Twitch Follower
  • 1x Twitch Prime Sub
  • Geographic Targeting

100 Live Viewers

$75/month based

  • Up to 100 Live Viewers
  • Up to 100 Chat Bots
  • Up to 100 Chat List
  • Realistic View
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Free Support: 24/7
  • 250 Twitch Follower
  • 3x Twitch Prime Sub
  • Geographic Targeting

250 Live Viewers

$140/month based

  • Up to 250 Live Viewers
  • Up to 250 Chat Bots
  • Up to 250 Chat List
  • Realistic View
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Free Support: 24/7
  • 500 Twitch Follower
  • 5x Twitch Prime Sub
  • Geographic Targeting

More Twitch Viewers

We have prepared great plans for you to outperform your competitors.

500 Live Viewers

$260/month based

  • Up to 500 Live Viewers
  • Up to 500 Chat Bots
  • Up to 500 Chat List
  • And all the gifts & features of the Deluxe Plan

1000 Live Viewers

$500/month based

  • Up to 1000 Live Viewers
  • Up to 500 Chat Bots
  • Up to 500 Chat List
  • And all the gifts & features of the Deluxe Plan

2000 Live Viewers

$990/month based


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  • Up to 2000 Live Viewers
  • Up to 500 Chat Bots
  • Up to 500 Chat List

Here are some Twitch products & Services you might really enjoy!

How Viewerapps helps you grow your Twitch

Viewerapps has helped over 40,000 clients grow their Twitch channel. Big influencers, brands, and agencies trust our AI technology to increase sales and engagement more than any other Twitch viewer bot.

Buying Twitch followers or likes can risk a ban from Twitch and waste your money. You may even end up banning yourself. Elevate your Twitch performance securely, thanks to viewerapps twitch bot viewer. We’ve helped 40.000+ brands and influencers gain millions of views.

Other Services
  • Time-tested safety
  • Authentic connections
  • Meaningful engagements
  • Dozens of risks
  • Ghost viewers and followers
  • Useless chat

The Chat Bot developed by viewerapps utilizes the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to automatically classify streams. Bid farewell to manual curation and depend on our advanced AI algorithms to determine the most suitable categories for your streams.

Our Chat Bot offers unparalleled customize options. Whether you prefer intermittent messages or extended conversations to interact with your audience, you are in charge. Specify the desired number of messages and determine the duration; our intelligent Chat Bot will handle everything else.

view bots on twitch

twitch tv view bot

Woohoo! We absolutely adore Twitch streamers like you. Did you know you can supercharge your channel. Twitch view bot free plan provide 25 free viewers for 30 minutes. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to take your streaming game to the next level. Let's make your channel the place to be!

  • Fast and scalable way of growing you & your twitch channel
  • Easy to keep track of and adapt your growth strategy
  • No bots. No fake users. Grow your channel with Twitch viewer service.

Through its 'Traffic Exchanger' service, viewerapps directs real viewers to streams and encourages them to follow, ensuring that users do not acquire bot accounts, bot viewers, or fake followers. Viewerapps is 100% secure and we do not request any of your account information.

ViewerApps is your premier way of getting more followers on Twitch. Viewerapps makes sure your Twitch channel keep growing, without any of the hassle you’d normally associate with an Twitch growth service.

  • What you will get
  • Targeted Followers
  • Real Engagement
  • Impression
  • What you won't get
  • Bots
  • Fake Accounts
  • Compromises

Twitch Subscriber & Twitch Prime Sub

Viewerapps offers fantastic opportunities for Twitch streamers. Through viewerapps, you can subscribe to any streamer of your choice or purchase a Twitch prime subscriber to support the streamer you wish to back. The number of subscribers is a crucial metric for Twitch.

Through viewerapps, you can send Bits on twitch to your own twitch channel or to the streamer you wish to support. twitch bit represent one of the most entertaining donation methods for streamers. Purchase bits in twitch to support your favorite streamers.

Frequently asked questions

Our focus is on connecting with genuine users who match your content and twitch stream category. However, we cannot ensure that they will like your stream enough to become your viewers. Nevertheless, we offer awaited growth in followers with all our plans.

Upon subscribing to a subscription plan, you will gain immediate access to the dashboard. After beginning the live stream, you can instantly redirect viewers to your Twitch stream. We can’t promise a specific follower count since real people choose whether to follow you.
  • Viewerapps facilitates organic growth by engaging with Twitch viewers/users that align with your target audience. We accomplish this through a method we refer to as "traffic exchanger".
  • We use AI technology to connect you with new users and Twitch viewers in our network.
  • To boost the statistics of your Twitch channel, we employ residential proxies to direct real viewers to your Twitch streams. We call this system "hybrid growth," consisting of 50% real users and 50% bot.

We don’t recommend using other services in conjunction with ours. Using multiple simultaneously can lead to conflicting actions and strategies, causing a negative impact on your twitch account’s growth. Should you choose to move forward, kindly notify us and exercise your best judgment.

The Twitch view bot acts as a catalyst for attracting authentic viewer engagement on your stream. More viewers mean better social proof and increased twitch channel awareness.

You have the option to cancel your account at any time through the dashboard. We strive to maintain maximum flexibility for our clients. Our service is monthly, so you can cancel before renewal to fit your needs.