AI-Powered Twitch Chat Bot

Meet the most comprehensive Twitch chat bot ever developed

Viewerapps Twitch chat tool is the premier solution for making your Twitch chat more engaging. We offer a comprehensive toolkit equipped with all the features you need to accelerate and invigorate your Twitch channel, now enhanced with artificial intelligence.

#1 Twitch Chat Bot

Make your Twitch Chat a blast!


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Viewerapps Twitch Chat Bot is affordable so you can scale your Twitch channel growth without worrying about costs. Viewerapps offers one plan that are priced to support you. And with viewerapps being so feature rich, you'll be championing your Twitch in no time.

  • A suite of growth tools to help you grow your Twitch correctly
  • AI - Powered Chat Bot and Engagement
  • Trusted by 12,000+ Influencers and Twitch Streamers

Twitch Chat Bot

$15/ monthly

A great beginner's option for growing your Twitch channel with more chatters and engagement

  • 20 Chatter / Chat Bot
  • AI - Powered
  • Message Timer
  • Custom Messages

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Did you know you get a free pass to this service when you grab our Twitch viewer tool? Yep, it's a two-for-one deal because our Twitch viewer tool already packs in all the chat tool features!