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View Bot Twitch Free Plan

We know you have a lot of questions and concerns before purchasing one of the Twitch viewer bot packages. We’ve created a trial Twitch view bot package for you. You can use the trial package for 1$ and try our services. Twitch Viewer Bot Free Trial Package duration is 1 hour. You can start your bot while it is live, and activate the viewer list and chat bot features if you wish. Your bots stay alive for 1 hour. Make sure you are live before using the Twitch Viewer Bot Free Trial package. The trial plan is used only once.

Twitch Free View Bot Plans Features
More Stable and Fast

With ViewerApps V7.2 Update, we provide faster and more stable viewers. We've reduced the volatility to 5%.

No Virus & No Ban

You don't need to install a program or script to use our Twitch Bot service. We provide all bot controls through our site. 100% Legit.

Integrated Chat Bot

With the integrated Twitch Chat Bot, you can use ready-made chat topics or create your own chat topic.

Easy Dashboard & Interface

You can start and stop your bot with a few clicks in a few seconds. With the last update v7.2, bot reactions are now reduced to 2-4 minutes.

Adjustable Viewer Count

You can determine and change the number of viewers in the range supported by your Twitch view bot package.


The ripple rate in Twitch Bot V7.2 is only 5%. This rate is fixed with 99% uptime.

Twitch Viewer Bot Free Plan -Instant Activation-

Once you complete the Twitch Viewer Bot Free Trial Plan purchase (it’s a Free purchase), your plan will be activated automatically. There is no waiting or delivery time. After completing your process, the control panel will be opened for your use. You can start your bot from the control panel at any time. Our system is 100% automation and we do not send bots manually. For this reason, when registering, make sure you enter your channel name correctly. Because you can buy and use the trial plan only once. When you start your bot, your free twitch viewers come to your stream and stay live for 10 minutes.

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Which viewer bot package should I choose after using the twitch bot viewers free plan?

We have prepared a lot of views bot plans for you. If you’re a streamer who streams regularly every day, we recommend using bot viewers 3-4 times your organic viewer count. It is important to use a monthly package for stability. If you stream regularly on Twitch and stream with approximately the same number of viewers, your organic viewer count will increase day by day.

Some advantages of using a viewbotting Twitch.
Some "Average" Issues
Twitch bot viewers, contrary to what is known, have a significant impact on twitch statistics. Full-time twitch streamers, on the other hand, sleep with the average and get up with the average. In short, the average number of viewers among those who are "partners" is important. With the Twitch viewer bot, you can significantly increase your average view count.
Goals & Achievements
Twitch viewer bot is permissible on the road to participation. Remember those old days when you first stream and think about the time when you met the average of 3 viewers to participate and the subscription button was opened. You will not waste your time at this level by botting your Twitch channel.
Be like "Everest" in the ranking!
The Twitch "browse" page is important. Your potential viewers, donors, and subscribers will discover you here, and if you only have 3-4 viewers, you won't be so lucky to be discovered. It is more possible for the broadcaster, who already has 50 viewers, to meet new viewers. Twitch botting saves you in this regard.
Certain subject "Partnership"?
Unfortunately, being a partner with the Twitch view cheat is a controversial issue. We have partnered with many streamers since 2016, but many of them could not become partners. The Twitch watch bot helps you become partners yes, but indirectly. Read our blog on this topic.

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