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Tips For Growing On The Twitch Platform
Tips For Growing On The Twitch Platform

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To Use or Not to Use a Twitch Viewer Bot?

Date: December 10, 2021

To Use or Not to Use a Twitch Viewer Bot?

What is the Twitch Viewer Bot and what does it do?

Twitch viewer bot is a trick to increase your viewer count while streaming live on Twitch. We have explained in detail for you in another blog. Click.

The Twitch viewer bot increases your viewer count and moves you to the top. There is a very intense competitive environment in Twitch. There are tens of streams watched with 1 viewer, and tens of streamers whose viewership exceeds thousands. The only way to stand out from streamers whose viewership has reached a certain level and to rise to the top is to be watched more.

The viewer bot increases your viewer count and takes you to the level you can reach with organic viewers much faster. In other words, it increases your visibility and discoverability on Twitch. If you move forward with a viewer bot package that will not attract attention in accordance with your organic viewer count, you can quickly move your channel to the top before it is detected that you are using a bot.

Partnering using a viewer bot?

This is the question we get most often. Can I become a partner using the viewer bot? Unfortunately, there are Twitch streamers who believe that they can become partners in 1 month using the 100 viewer package. Of course, Twitch is not an amateur platform enough to have such a simple deficit. If it were, everyone who used the package for 1 month would be a partner and there would be no streamer without a partner, right?

Twitch continues to take new measures for bot use day by day. But one thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning is that Twitch considers organic viewers for the 75 viewers it is looking for partnerships. Of course, there are many conditions for partnership and all of them must be met.

Stream 25 hours

stream on 12 separate days

Average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewers excluding share, dominant and embedded streams)

  • Stream 25 hours 
  • stream on 12 separate days
  • Average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewers excluding share, dominant and embedded streams)

But at first, 75 viewers are a must.

Obtaining partnership on Twitch is a significant milestone that many aspiring streamers aim for, and the journey toward achieving it involves careful consideration of various factors. Once the affiliate application is submitted, Twitch scrutinizes the average viewer count, emphasizing the importance of organic engagement. It’s crucial to note that if your organic viewership falls short of the recommended 75, applying for partnership—even with a 500 viewers package—is unlikely to yield a positive response. This underlines the significance of understanding the role of viewership, both organic and otherwise, in the partnership application process.

Now, the question arises: Do bots have an impact at this stage? The answer is affirmative. While bots may not represent organic viewers, they play a vital role in boosting your overall viewership, indirectly influencing your organic audience. This dynamic can significantly expedite the journey toward meeting the required partnership criteria within a shorter timeframe. It’s essential to recognize that the use of bots is not a guaranteed pathway to partnership but rather a strategic shortcut that can enhance both speed and efficiency.

Consider the scenario where a streamer opts not to utilize bots and remains in the lower echelons of viewership. In this situation, there is a risk of remaining unnoticed by potential viewers, impeding the growth of organic viewership. Without a sufficient audience to attract attention, the organic viewer count may increase at a sluggish pace, hindering progress toward partnership goals.

On the contrary, employing bots to propel your stream to a higher viewership rank can draw attention to your channel. This increased visibility has the potential to attract genuine viewers who, intrigued by your content, may become regular attendees of your streams. The key is not just about reaching a higher viewer count but about retaining those viewers with engaging and compelling content.

It’s crucial to understand that while Twitch viewer bots can provide a boost, they are not a standalone solution for achieving partnership. The sustained growth and success of a Twitch channel depend on the ability to convert the initial boost from bots into genuine, engaged followers. If viewers find value in your content and choose to return, your organic viewer count will gradually increase over time, creating a more sustainable path toward achieving partnership on Twitch.

In essence, Twitch viewer bots serve as a strategic tool, offering a shortcut that can expedite the process of meeting partnership criteria. However, their impact is most significant when integrated into a broader strategy that focuses on creating compelling content, retaining genuine viewers, and fostering organic growth over the long term.

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