#1 Number Kick Viewer Bot Service

Enhance your Kick Channel with the Best Kick Viewer Bot Service

Instant Activation
Kick View bot system is automation. You can access the dashboard as soon as you purchase the package.
Stable and Fast
The stability rate of our view Kick bot service is 90%. There is no sudden decrease or increase.
Safe %100
Our Kick view Bot service is 100% Legit. We provide a No-Ban Guarantee.
Trovo live bot view plans for every budget!

The Fastest Kick Viewer Bot Plans

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Choose the most suitable kick bot viewers plan for you

$5 /for 1 day

For your confidence

10 Live Viewer
Realistic View

$20 /month

Just try and observe

10 Live Viewer
Realistic View

$30 /month

for Periodic needs

25 Live Viewer
Realistic View

$40 /month

for A little help

50 Live Viewer
Realistic View

$60 /month

for Beginners

100 Live Viewer
Realistic View
no virus & no ban
No Virus & No Ban
You don't need to install a program or script to use our Kick Bots service. We provide all bot controls through our site. 100% Legit.
easy dashboard & interface
Easy Dashboard & Interface
You can start and stop your kick bots bot with a few clicks in a few seconds. With the last update v7.2, bot reactions are now reduced to 2-4 minutes.
adjustable viewer count
Adjustable Viewer Count
You can determine and change the number of viewers in the range supported by your Kick bot viewers package.

Kick View Bot

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viewbotting twitch
instant activation
Instant Activation
When you 'buy a kick views bot' it activates instantly. Just click on Bot Control.
24/7 live support
24/7 Live Support
Our operators answer your questions about "buy kick views" around the clock.
kick viewer bot
How to use Kick Viewer Bot Dashboard?

When you make the payment, your package will be activated instantly and your dashboard access will be opened. You can see your Kick view bot plan on the Dashboard. Dashboard has a bar where you can set the number of viewers. After choosing your viewer count, you can start your bot. Your Kick Viewer Bot will be on your stream in 5-10 minutes.

easy dashboard
Easy Dashboard
You can start your Kick bot in the settings you specify and as many times as you want via the Bot Control dashboard.
no program and virus
No Program and Virus
You don't need to download a program to your computer for Kick bot service. You provide all the controls through our site.
%100 legit
%100 Legit
Kick bot process is 100% legit. As ViewerApps.com, we offer a guarantee not to be banned.
long term usage
Long Term Usage
Daily limit is 8 hours. You can use 7/24 hours with 3 same plans.

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