Friend Asked Questions for Twitch Viewing Bots / Youtube Viewing Bots

We are always online to answer your questions with our 24/7 live support service. We have compiled frequently asked questions to help you.

twitch viewing bots

F.A.Q. About Viewer Bot Services of ViewerApps

Of course not! You do not share your channel password or private information with us. Your private information is never asked from you. All you have to do for use is to adjust the necessary settings from the V7 panel and that’s all. We wish you a pleasant streams

No, you won’t be banied! Bots have nothing to do with any tips that can briefly link you to bots on your computer, internet, ip address or hash. In addition, we use residental (Home/Internet user) IP’s for bots. This way, Youtube or any other platform bots don’t notice. You control the view bot from the V7 panel. At, we do not keep any logs or information pointing to your channel. Your current registration information is stored on off-shore servers with 2048-bit encryption. You’re perfectly safe with us.

Unfortunately no. You can not use the content of your plan on another channel.



Yes, of course. Don’t worry about to purchase live views. doesn’t send an unrealistic amount of viewers to your channel. All views, followers and likes look natural.

We work had to keep your viewers looking organic and we continue to improve. We reduced the number of viewers fluctuations by up to 10% in ViewerApps!

Absolutely no! This is not a downloadable program. Login to your account and use Viewer bot from your browser.

Your bots are not be connected to your computer and hashs. There is no need to download and install any program or script on your computer. So our service is 100 % safe. We have not encountered any banning yet.

No. We do not have twitch viewer bot free trial. Because unfortunately twitch viewer bots free trial plan highly abusive subject

F.A.Q. About Viewer Bot Panel of ViewerApps

You must start your Twitch bot while your stream is up. If you start your stream before you open it, the system will stop the bot because your stream is down and you must wait for the timeout time to start it again.

The Viewerlist/chatlist is the section that shows who’s watching your stream. Using a viewerlist helps your stream look more organic. For example, while the number of viewers appears to be 70, the appearance of 20 people in your viewer list may create a perception of twitch bot usage. Appearing accounts in your viewerlist makes your channel watch more organic. For this reason, we recommend the use of viewerlists for our users who have less organic viewers.

Chat Bot refers to the articles written in the chat part of your stream. When starting the bot from the panel, you can choose one of our ready chat topics or create your own chat file and upload it to the system. If you are using a plan with few viewers or your chat is active, you do not need to use a chat bot. However, if you are using a plan with a high number of viewers and your chat is not active, we recommend using a chat bot to be an organic view. Chat bot contributes to make your stream look more organic.

Message interval refers to the period of time each message will write on chat section. You can make your chat flow fast or slow with the time interval you choose. The unit of message interval is seconds. For example; If you choose 60 seconds, 1 message will be written in the chat in 60 seconds.

No! In order to use the chat bot, your chat must not be in follower mode. Messages will not be sent to your chat while you are in follower mode.

No. Youtube live viewer bot has only viewer option.

Yes, there are timeouts to prevent spam. You have to wait until the timeout time is up before you can start twitch and youtube bot again.

Yes, twitch and youtube bots will stop when you close your stream.

If you set your bot settings to off or 0 and start a bot, your bots will stop. In addition, if you write your request to our live support team, they will stop your bot quickly.
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