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ViewerApps.com was developed by "Exenica" as a response to the injustices on the Twitch platform when it was not as popular as it is today.

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About Us

The Twitch and YouTube platforms continue to grow rapidly. In addition to being an extremely competitive environment, being discovered and accessible among publishers requires a lot of effort. The fact that some publishers gain popularity quickly while others struggle to be discovered, despite having enjoyable and creative content, has spurred the development of ViewerApps.com.

The desire and excitement of small publishers to be discovered has also excited us and enabled us to reach our goal faster. As a result of our years of work, we have managed to offer you Twitch viewer bot packages with many options.

We added new ones to these options as we thought about how to provide the most beneficial service for you. As a result of all our efforts, we offer you the most organic looking audience packages. In line with the requests received in the past years, we have added the Youtube platform to our work and created a unique Youtube viewer bot for you. We have also offered the Youtube viewer bot with optional packages. In line with your requests and comments, we continue to add new ones to our work day by day. We will continue our efforts and innovations to provide you with the best service.

Who Is On Our Team?

We are working with our team to serve you better every day.

Daniel - Co-founder & CEO
Gregor - Co-founder
Miranda - Customer Operator Specialist
Paul - Developer Team Member
Jena - Developer Team Member

We are working to give you the fastest, most reliable and highest quality service.

Every product on our website is put into service as a result of long studies by going through many stages by our expert team.


The need has been identified.


Benchmark study was done.


Software is coded.

Beta Version

Beta version released.

Web Service

Web service has been created.

Alfa Version

Alfa version released.

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